Version Of WordPress 2023 – Free & Paid WordPress Version

Version Of WordPress 2023 – Free & Paid WordPress Version

These times everything is converted into the digital mode, so it is a bit different to grab all the information altogether for a user. We noticed that many people use WordPress for their work but they don’t know what version of WordPress they are using.

Now the question arises why do you need to know the version of WordPress you are using? It’s very important for a user to make sure your site is up to date or not.

Even for protecting yourself from hacking attacks, you should have an idea of which WordPress version you are using. Hackers mostly infiltrate websites to exploit. If you want to prevent yourself from these kinds of activities, just make sure that your WordPress is updated timely.

WordPress Version Check: How To Find The Version Of WordPress You Are Using?

There are four basic methods to check the version of WordPress you are using. Let’s start discussing each and every method in a detailed manner.

Check the Admin Area 

This is one of the basic methods to check the version of WordPress you are using. You should know how to log in to your website at least. If you visit the admin dashboard, you will see several areas that display the currently installed version of WordPress. It also provides all the relevant information about your site.

It will consist of all the relevant information, you can check it at 4 different places listed in WordPress.

  • If we are talking about the first place, you have to visit the WordPress update section for this. If you have an account already, just log in to your account. In the dashboard, you can see the option of updates click on it. Here you will get the information on the latest version of WordPress along with the data of which version you are using. 
  • You can also check this on the footer also. Just have to scroll down any of the pages of the admin area of your dashboard. Users will see it in the bottom right corner of your current WordPress version.
  • Now if we are talking about third place, you see it at a glance at the admin widget. It varies a bit according to the setting of your device. You will see their box which contains posts and pages of your site which is on your admin dashboard. It displays mostly the version of WordPress you are using with the theme you are operating on your website.
  • You can see this through notification, but it is only possible when you have an outdated version installed in your web hosting account. You will see the notification box which is presented on the top corner of the website.

Checking the Version of WordPress Through the Version.php File

This is one of the most trustworthy methods for checking the WordPress version. The information is stored within site files, not in HTML pages. Here, to try this method, you should have basic technical knowledge. We are mentioning some steps to check the version of WordPress.

  • Initially, you have to log in to your hosting account and open the file manager.
  • Just open the public-HTML directory and find the wp-includes folder there.
  • You will get the verion.php file there, open it. Just make sure once the version number of your WordPress should be line 16.

If you want to choose a file transfer protocol(FTP) such as Filezilla. you have to follow the below-mentioned steps to access FTP and tp open the version.php file:-

  • The first step is, to download and install the FileZilla
  • Connect it to your website, and click on the file menu which is on the top left corner of the website. After this choose a site manager for further process.
  • Enter the login credentials on the website’s domain and the FTP. After this, you will get hosting panel control of your website if you are using CPanel, just go to files and then FTP accounts.
  • If you file to get connected to FTP once, you will see in the bottom right section the site’s files, which are stored in the public-HTML directory.
  • Just find and open the wp-includes folder there.
  • Check the version.php file there and open it.

After getting all the relevant information from there, close the file.

Check the WordPress Version on the Website Forehead 

This is a suitable method for those who can’t log in to their WordPress admin dashboard. If you want to check the currently installed version of WordPress this method is good for you. This is an alternative way to check the WordPress version numbers through the site’s source code. 

We all know that the website made by WordPress carries the version number in HTML metatag.

Below we are mentioning steps for how to find site version information by using page source code.

  • Just open the WordPress website and fill in login credentials. Select the view page source option by doing right-clicking anywhere on the page.
  • Now you will a lot of HTML codes there in the new tab
  • Open the browser, type “generator”, in the search box.

The steps will vary a little bit according to the version you are using.

These changes are only done when the website owner left the default settings intact. The reason behind this is that it is risky to show the WhatsApp version just by source code.

Admin has the feature to hide their WordPress version from the source code, this is a good way to protect your site.

Using WP-CLI (WordPress Command-Line Interface) 

It is a tool used by developers which gives the ability to remotely perform commands on your WordPress site. Even if you take advantage of this without using a web browser.

If you want to install this, it becomes a bit challenging for you. As it only provides limited support to windows machines. 

If we are talking about steps, initially you have to connect your web hosting through SSH. Even by using a secure shell that allows you to execute commands securely.

After connecting to your hosting through  SSH, just type “cd HTML” to navigate the directory. You can make use of the “wp core version command”, after before one. This will show all the information related to the version of your WordPress.

As this method demands high skills to perform, we can’t recommend this for beginners. However, you are trying, to log in as an admin, and view the frontend files. It is one of the best options to find information regarding the WordPress version number.

What is the Latest Version of WordPress 2023?

The latest version of WordPress in the market is WordPress version 5.9. This is released in January 2023. There are also a lot of the latest versions available which are released almost in the gap of some time. In the PHP mailer, this security update patched the vulnerability.

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How to Download the Old Version of WordPress?

To download an older version of WordPress you just have to visit the WordPress releases archive.

You can select and download an older version of WordPress from there. After this select the plugins you want for your website. Now if you are confused about how to check the version of your plugins we are here for you.

How to Check the Version of Plugins?

You can find it easily just by visiting the plugin page in your admin area of WordPress. Here you can see easily which plugin version you are using with details.

In case you don’t have access to admin areas, it becomes very difficult to find it out.

You can make use of some plugins like all in one SEO, it automatically adds version information to the site’s source code.

Which Version of WordPress is Best?

There is nothing like this, that one is better than the other. Choosing the latest version of WordPress is best for users. As you can see all the latest features with timely updating features in one place. 

Security is also one of the major factors or reasons to choose the latest WordPress version.

Hackers are always trying to hack your websites, so use the latest released updates to provide protection to yourself.

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