Top 5 Fast and Affordable WordPress Hosting service Provider

Top 5 Fast and Affordable WordPress Hosting service Provider

Do you know who the best WordPress web hosting provider for Global? If you do not know then we are going to discus 5 Fast and Affordable WordPress Hosting service Provider. Now these days many of web hosting company provides WordPress hosting to start your online business at affordable prices. But here are the top 5 WordPress providers.

5 Best list of WordPress Providers

  1. Ipage
  2. Hostgator
  3. BlueHost
  4. Hostinger
  5. GreenGeeks

1. Ipage WordPress web hosting-:

Ipage was funded 1998 and host more than a million websites with data centers. Their uptime is 99.95 over last 24 month. Ipage WordPress is best and cheapest hosting provider for global. They provide you Pre-installed themes & plugins. It have two plans for WordPress, First one WP Starter just only at $3.75/mo but regularly plan was $7.49. And Second one WP Essential plan just only at $6.95/mo but regularly $10.49.

Ipage WordPress web hosting-:

  • Speed:- 746ms
  • Uptime:-95%
  • Free Domain:-Free 1 domain for 1 year
  • Free SSL Certificate:- Free SSL Certificate
  • Price/Month:- $3.75/mo
  • Email:- Free email address
  • Customer Support:- Free 24/7 support
  • Domain Transfer:- Free domain Transfer
  • Site Builder:- Free of cost site builder
  • Money Back:- 30-day money back guarantee

2. Hostgator WordPress Web Hosting

Hostgator was founded in 2002 at Florida Atlantic University by Brent Oxley. Get your free Domain On! 1 Year Domain Registration on WordPress hosting Annual Plans just only starting at $5.95/mo. It have 3 WordPress plans to you, first one Starter plan just only $5.95/mo with 40% Off by HostGator, Second one Standard Plan only at $7.95/mo with 50% Off and third one Business plan only at $9.95 with 57% Off. Control high traffics with 2.5X Faster Load Times & Increased Website Performance.

Hostgator WordPress Web Hosting

  • Speed:- 369 ms
  • Uptime:-99%
  • Response Time:-5X faster load times
  • Free Domain:- Free Domain Included
  • SSL Certificate:- Free SSL
  • Price/Month:- $5.95/mo
  • Email:- Free Email
  • Customer Support:- 24/7 Live Chat, Phone
  • Domain Transfer:- Website or domain transfer
  • Site Builder:- free website builder
  • Money back guarantees:- 45 Day

3. BlueHost WordPress Web Hosting

Bluehost was founded in 2003 and owned by Endurance International Group. It is one of the best company b/w 20 largest web hosts. It have three WordPress plans, first one is Basic $3.95/mo* that good for learners but normally was $7.99, Second plan Plus $5.95/mo that good for Unlimited Websites but Normally was $10.99 and last one Choice Plus just only at $6.95/mo that good for traffics controls.

BlueHost WordPress Web Hosting

  • Speed:- 390 ms
  • Uptime:-99%
  • Free Domain:- Free 1 domain for 1 year
  • Free SSL Certificate:- Free SSL
  • Price/Month:- $3.95/mo*
  • Email:- free email
  • Customer Support:- Phone, Chat, Knowledgebase
  • Domain Transfer:- Free Of cost
  • Site Builder:- Free website Builder tool

4. Hostinger WordPress Web Hosting

Hostinger was founded in Founded: 2004. It is the best WordPress Hosting platform to build for low cost WordPress website with best speed. Now start your online business with affordable prices by Hostinger. Their all Servers are located around the global USA, UK, the Netherlands, Brazil, and Singapore. Hostinger have WordPress plans, first one single wordless hosting just only at $0.99/mo with 90% discount off, and second one Premium WordPress hosting just only at $2.89 with 74% off and last one Business WordPress hosting just only at $3.99 with 75% Off.

Hostinger WordPress Web Hosting

  • Speed:- 2x speed
  • Uptime:-99%
  • Free Domain:- Yes 1 domain
  • SSL Certificate:- Free SSL Certificate
  • Price/Month:-15/mo
  • Email:- Free email
  • Customer Support:- Phone Support, Ticket, Live Chat
  • Domain Transfer:- Free transfer
  • Site Builder:- Free site builder

5. GreenGeeks WordPress Web Hosting

GreenGeeks is founded in 2008 use for Web hosting platform speed, security & scalability while being eco-friendly. It have three plans for WordPress, first one Lite just only $2.95/mo but normally was $9.95/mo. This plan Perfect for blogs that one are beginning. Second one Pro just only at $5.95/mo but normally was $14.95/mo. That bloggers who want to growing websites with need more speed and resources. Third one Premium plan just only at $11.95/mo but normally was $24.95/mo. Premium plan is perfect for very high traffic websites or online stores.

GreenGeeks WordPress Web Hosting

  • Speed:-98%
  • Uptime:- 445ms
  • Free Domain:- Free Domain Name for 1st Year
  • Free SSL Certificate:- Free Wildcard SSL
  • Price/Month:- $2.95/mo
  • Email:- Free Email
  • Customer Support:- 24/7/365 Chat and phone
  • Domain Transfer:- Free
  • Site Builder:- Free
  • Money-Back Guarantee -30-Day

Different Types of WordPress Hosting

Get 5 type of WordPress Hosting Services by hosting providers. People are interested according his/her needs. If the beginners or learners are searching to blogging website then and 000webhost. And remains 4 are paid that describe above 5 Best WordPress hosting.

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Best for Customer Service

Why we are saying that All 5 best Hosting customer support very good. Because we are taking services of each and every WordPress hosting company. Take Support service 24/7 hours everywhere and any type of problem. They gives you 100% solution to solve your problems. So do not worry any of time.

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