The 10 Tips About WordPress That You Should Know

The 10 Tips About WordPress That You Should Know

Normally these secrets are very well kept by web page designers, but today, because you are… we are going to reveal to you some of the mysteries of WordPress. But before knowing the 10 tips about WordPress, let’s know a bit more about it.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS). With it, you can create a web page, for example, for your online business. And you can also build a blog with which to implement SEO and improve the positioning of your website.

So we can say that with WordPress you get to have the static of a web page and the dynamic of a blog.

WP is one of the leaders and one of the most used by web designers for web designing. I’ll just tell you: 1 out of every 4 websites on the Internet are made with it

With this CMS, you can have a very professional corporate website.

Helping you with plugins, widgets, and, above all, the thousands and thousands of existing templates to customize to your liking.

In addition, with the previous development and design of the experts, afterward, it can be handled and edited by anyone. Therefore, it is easy to operate.

WordPress Features

Its main characteristics and advantages are:

  • It is free to use and edit. Although it obviously has its paid version, you can use it freely if you wish.
  • It is easy to install and update.
  • Users can be managed and given different permissions with what they can do within it.
  • Customize the design however you want.
  • Allows you to create content.
  • Readers can subscribe to the RRSS news system.
  • And users can leave comments.

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10 WordPress tips

We have told you so far what exactly WP is, and then we are going to explain those curiosities that I do not want you to tell anyone else, can you promise me?

1. Responsive design

Considering that the vast majority of the world’s population surf the Internet through their smartphone, you have to be prepared.

On the one hand, there are UI patterns that help with this design and solve problems.

It will improve the navigation of users who enter your website, so they will feel at ease and in turn, the average time of permanence may increase.

On the other hand, we have Mobile First. That the design of the web is responsible for the design of the smartphone, is already an obligation and not an option. In order to have a responsive design, you can hire a professional website designer.

We can start With this Mobile First model and then adapt it to desktop mode.

2. Simplicity is the key to elegance

When someone begins to add things to a web page, very flashy elements and excessively, it surely means that they are a rookie.

Because the most aesthetic is the opposite. It is much better to use few fonts and few colors, no more than 4, and that fit in tune with the corporate colors.

3. The rule of thirds to split your website into 9 pieces

If we divide the screen into 9 parts evenly, we can organize the web better.

We can investigate which are the points in which a user pays the most, see where we put the things we want to highlight, leave blank spaces, etc.

4. Security: 2-factor authentication

One of the reasons why WP is so widely used worldwide is due to its strong security since the authentication is in two steps.

It consists in that there are 2 elements by which to access your page. It can be 2 passwords, or a password and a question. That is decided by the owner of the WP.

5. You can backup regularly

Related to the previous point, even if it is SUPER safe, there is always some point where the best hacker in the world can steal the web from you.

So at the end of the day, WP always makes backups for you just in case.

6. You can hide the WordPress version number

More secrets for your safety. You can hide the WP version number. it is easier for them to attack the web If the hacker knows that number,

Install the “Remove WordPress Version” plugin and one less worry.

7. To log in:

You can change the URL to enter, the “wp-admin” that everyone uses, for another URL and so they will not know how to enter your website.

And you can also change the way you enter it. Let me explain, normally the WP username is required to access, but you can change that and for example, have it be accessed with email.

8. You can plan posts

With the installation of a plugin like “Editorial Calendar”, you can prepare blog articles, and you schedule them in the calendar to be published whenever you want.

This goes very well if you have a blog in which you publish quite often and you need an order and an organization.

It would be good for me, for example, hehe.

9. You can activate the maintenance mode of WP

If you need to make “reforms” on your website and you do not want that while users enter, there is the possibility of activating the maintenance mode.

With the URL it will redirect them to a page with a message indicating this, and asking them to come back later when we are ready.

10. Block SPAM comments

With the help of another plugin such as “Anti-SPAM”, you can block all comments from bots, and it will not be necessary for real people to do the CAPTCHA control.

Anti-Spam will detect the behavior of bots automatically.

We have told you 10 secrets, but there are many more. We will keep them maybe for another post.


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