Resellerclub WordPress Hosting: Best Hosting Plan for your WordPress Website

Nowadays WordPress become one of the most popular and reliable CMS platforms which offer you an incredible number of benefits. Even you don’t need to have coding knowledge for making a responsive and professional website. With the help of WordPress, you can build a professional looks website within just a few clicks. On considering the popularity of the WordPress platform, WordPress hosting also comes in trend some last years. Because with WordPress hosting you get incredible support to your WordPress website. With ResellerWordPress hosting you get specially optimized hosting features for WordPress. Usually, you get WordPress installed on your server with a custom panel to manage your files. Resellerclub WordPress Hosting is one step better than other WordPress hosting plans because the hosting plan offered by ResellerClub is hosted on a cloud server which offers you impressive speed, reliable security, backups, stability, and auto-updates features.

Which one is better between Resellerclub WordPress hosting & other hosting plans?

As you can easily install WordPress on any other hosting plan, then why did you choose Resellerclub WordPress hosting instead of them? Then here comes the answer. With Resellerclub WordPress hosting you get a more optimized and better platform for your WordPress website or blog which delivers better performance and security to your website. Even regular hosting plans are also a good option for most of the software which WordPress included. But with WordPress hosting, you get better performance which you are unable to get in normal hosting plans. That’s why for more of the WP website it is a recommendation to go with dedicated WP hosting instead of a regular one.

Interesting benefits of using Resellerclub WordPress hosting for your WordPress website

For a WordPress website that has a medium to high traffic ratio WordPress hosting suits better in comparison to a regular hosting plan. Because in WordPress hosting they get some extra benefits like security, better speed, optimization, user experience, load time, auto-update, and many more. In short with Resellerclub WordPress hosting you get incredible performance on your WordPress blog or website.

Type of WordPress Hosting Plans offer by Resellerclub

Resellerclub is one of the most affordable web hosts and offers 4 major WordPress hosting plans in which you get different features and prices. Let’s take a look at different price plans to offer by Resellerclub WordPress hosting.

1.      STARTER

The starter plan is the first WordPress hosting plan offered by Resellerclub for low-traffic websites. This hosting costs you around rs205 per month for 3 years. In this hosting, you get 1 website-hosted facility which has around 25,000 visitors per month. 2 cores, 2 GB ram, 5 GB storage, Auto WordPress update, WP database optimized, and unlimited Emails account with jetpack plugin already installed on your server.


This Resellerclub WordPress hosting plan is suitable for small business websites which have medium size traffic. This plan will cost you rs225 per month for a 3-year plan. You can host 2 websites on this plan it can support up to 200,000 visitors per month. With 4 cores, 4 GB ram, 20 GB storage & auto WP update. Plus you get WP database optimized plan, with unlimited email & an already installed jetpack.

3.      BUSINESS

THE Business WP hosting plan is one of the most popular plans of the ResellerClub hosting company. This hosting plan is perfect for medium to huge size websites which is hosted and managed through WordPress. It will cost you rs305 per month with a 3-year plan. This can support up to 3 websites that have up to 300,000 visitors per month. It comes with features like 6 cores, 6 GB ram, 40 GB storage with auto WP update, database optimized& unlimited business email account.


Professional is the last WP hosting plan offered by ResellerClub, this plan is suitable for a large size website that has tons of traffic every month. It comes with the cost of rs385 per month with a 3-year plan. You can host up to 5 websites in it and it can support up to 500,000 visitors per month. It has features like 6 cores, 6 GB ram, 40 GB storage, auto WP update, optimized database, Unlimited business Emails, and a pre-installed jetpack plugin.

Additional WordPress hosting plans offer Resellerclub

In addition to the above WP hosting plan of ResellerClub, Resellerclub also cares for the Security and safety of your website. That’s why it also offers some additional WP hosting plans with extra security features. Let check out what additional plans are which Resellerclub offers.

1.      STANDARD

Standard is the first to secure WordPress hosting plan offered by Resellerclub on their official website. This plan comes with the cost of rs450 per month with a 3-year plan. It supports all the features of the starter plan of Resellerclub which are 1 Website, Supports 25,000 visits per month, 2 Cores, 2 GB RAM, 5 GB Storage, Auto WP update, etc. in addition to these features, you get some security features like Sitelock security for 100 pages & 1 GB auto cloud Backup. These features are enough to keep your wp website secure and safe.

2.      BUSINESS

In the business hosting plan of ResellerClub, you get some benefits and features which you miss in the performance plan of ResellerClub. This plan will cost you around rs675 per month with 3 years of the plan. In this plan, you get all the same features that are available in the performance plan with some extra security features. Common features which you get In business plan of ResellerClub are 2 Websites support, Supports up to 200,000 visits per month, 4 Cores, 4 GB RAM, 20 GB Storage auto WP update and some additional security features like Sitelock security of 100 pages & 5 GB auto cloud back to keep the data of your website safe.

3.      PRO

In this WP hosting plan of Resellerclub, you get all the features of the BUSINESS plan with some additional features to keep your site secure. Its cost price is rs900 per month with a 3-year plan. The common features which you get in the pro plan of Resellerclub WordPress hosting are 3 Websites, Supports 300,000 visits per month, 6 Cores, 6 GB RAM, 40 GB Storage, Automatic WordPress updates, etc. in addition, the security features which you get in this plan are site lock security for 500 pages & 10 GB auto cloud backup. So that you never lost a single post on your website.

4.      ELITE

For a large size WP website, the Elite ResellerClub hosting plan is perfect. This plan offers you all the benefits of a professional plan with some extra features. This plan costs you around rs1665 per month with a 3-year plan. You get common features of the professional plan in this plan like 5 Websites support, Supports 500,000 visitors per month, 6 Cores, 6 GB RAM, 40 GB Storage, Auto-update, etc. in addition to that you get security features like Sitelock security for 500 pages & 25 GB auto cloud backup.

As you get an unlimited business email account & optimized database with all the plans of resellers but you can make it more amazing by using additional add-on features like Dedicated IP @ ₹200, 1GB RAM @ ₹70.00 & 1 Core CPU @ ₹140.00 only.

Why choose Resellerclub WordPress Hosting Plans?

There are many reasons which make you convinced about the selection of Resellerclub WordPress Hosting instead of regular hosting plans. Some most popular reasons behind the popularity of Resellerclub WordPress Hosting are: –

1.       Installed WordPress

Resellerclub WordPress Hosting comes with already installed WordPress, you do not need to do manual action for getting your WordPress website live. Just log in to your panel and be ready to launch an awesome site for a bright future.

2.       Automatic Update

Updating your CMS makes your website performance better and improves user experience. With the auto-update feature of Resellerclub WordPress Hosting, you do not need to worry about doing any manual updates. As your hosting will automatically update all the plugins and themes you have installed.

3.       Easy Scalability

Easy scalability means you can upgrade your current hosting plan into a more updated one whenever you feel that you need more storage, ram, or CPU. With Resellerclub WordPress Hosting you allow you to use the feature of easy scalability with just one click.

4.       Integrated caching & CDN

As you get an integrated caching feature with your WordPress hosting through which you feel 1000% better improvement on your website loading speed. You need any additional cache plugin to install on your server.

5.       Data mirroring

With the data mirroring feature of Resellerclub WordPress Hosting, you become fear-free from losing any data of your website because of any hardware failure.

6.       Managed services

Get incredible supporting features with managed WordPress hosting services feature of Resellerclub WordPress Hosting. You just need to focus on your business, and ResellerClub will work technically to offer you better performance.

7.       Easy to understand dashboard

With Resellerclub WordPress Hosting you get an easy dashboard for managing your files and website professionally. It comes with incredible features that help you to manage your files professionally & easily.

8.       Malware scan & Removal safety feature

To offer your WordPress website world-class protection, Resellerclub WordPress Hosting comes with a malware scan and removal feature. It will auto-scan your website for malware, FTP scan with site lock website security daily. Having a safe and secure website helps your visitors to trust your site.

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9.       Automated cloud backups

With Resellerclub WordPress Hosting you get a pre-installed Codeguard website backup facility. Codeguard is a popular backup solution that is used by many popular and large organizations. With Codeguard, you can take a backup of your website and restore them any time within a few clicks.

10.   DDoS Protection

With Resellerclub WordPress Hosting you get incredible DDoS protection which keeps your website safe and secure from any kind of attack and risk. With a Cloudflare network, you get strong safety protection for your WordPress website and blog.

11.   Add-ons features

As with time, your WordPress blog and website will grow. And you need more space, ram, and CPU for running your website smoothly. With Resellerclub WordPress Hosting you can easily upgrade any of your ram, CPU, and integrated CDM with the add-ons facility you get in Resellerclub WordPress Hosting. In addition to that, it also comes with automated WP core updates.  You do not need to care about anything.

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