How to Reinstall WordPress Plugin 2022?

How to Reinstall WordPress Plugin 2022?

Plugins are the most important feature of WordPress as it is extendable. Sometimes plugins create issues due to updates or with conflict with other plugins. Let’s take an example, suppose a plugin update could crash your site and the reason is incompatible code or an update issue. The best fix is to reinstall WordPress to deal with how to reinstall WordPress plugins. Now we are mentioning some easy steps below which will help you to know how to reinstall WordPress plugin.

Must step Before You Start to Reinstall WordPress Plugin

You need to be careful before reinstalling the plugin WordPress, first check plugins author is it ok. If it is normal then reinstall it. One thing is some of the plugins lose their data while deactivating, uninstalling or reinstalling.

You can prevent yourself by using themify themes and plugins to reinstall or uninstall at any time without losing data. 

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What is a WordPress Plugin?

A WordPress plugin is an extension used to add new options and extend the functionality of WordPress, without coding. You will find a lot of plugins to use in your WordPress. Sometimes you have to reinstall WordPress plugins, the reason could be any. Let’s discuss deeply the reasons to uninstall WordPress plugins.

Reasons to Uninstall WordPress Plugins

Now the question arises why we need to uninstall WordPress plugins. As there are many reasons, let’s discuss each one deeply.

  • Don’t match your need- many times people download a plugin just to check if it is helpful to them or not. Many times it doesn’t have the features as per your requirement. This is also one of the most common reasons for reinstalling WordPress plugins.
  • Find a better replacement- sometimes you find a better replacement for the WordPress plugin you are using. The reason could be its functionality are not useful for you now. 
  • Broken plugins – as we know that it is made by developers so there is a chance of variety. there could be chances of mistakes, conflicts, or poor coding. In this case, you have to reinstall the WordPress plugin.
  • Consist malware- it is rare but can happen. Sometimes third-party themes and plugins contain viruses. It also became the reason for malware attacks. In this case, also, you have to reinstall Plugin WordPress.

How to reinstall WordPress plugins?

In this article, we are mentioning steps of how to reinstall WordPress plugins or reinstall plugin WordPress. We covered both the methods of Reinstall WordPress plugins from the dashboard as well as Reinstall WordPress from FTP.

Version of WordPress

Methods  for Reinstall Plugin WordPress 

Let’s discuss various methods of how to reinstall WordPress plugins. It consists of how to reinstall WordPress from the dashboard and other methods.

Installing and Removing Plugins from the WordPress Dashboard

  • To login access to your WordPress dashboard usually, you have to put a URL. Suppose you have the URL of, you have to write
  • Fill in the credentials username and password to login into your WordPress dashboard. 
  • In the menu tab, located on the screen press on “plugins”. You can see there some of the plugins are activities and some are not. If your purpose is to reinstall a disabled plugin, you will see an option to delete it.
  • Now you know how to reinstall the plugin WordPress of the disabled plugin. if your purpose is to reinstall an activated plugin, before its removal. You have to deactivate it by pressing the button “deactivate” shown on the dashboard.
  • While doing this, a confirmation request will prompt on the screen. just press the ok to reinstall the WordPress plugin. Now on the screen in the “plugin” option, you will see the option of “Add New” button, click on it. 
  • On the library page of plugins, you will see a search box. You can search for the name there. If you found it, it will be shown among the alternative list. When you see the plugin which you want to install, press the “install now” button.
  • After installation of the plugin, just activate it by clicking on the button “Activate”.Now the plugin is reinstalled successfully. In case the process fails, you have to remove the plugin from its server.

Remove the WordPress Plugin from FTP

  • If you have a  configured FTP account already, you can follow the steps we are going to mention for the removal of the plugin completely.
  • For doing this, we are taking the help of the multi-platform FTP client Filezilla. Connect it to your hosting using FTP credentials and log in once to access the html_public directory.
  • In your html_public directory, you will see the wp-content directory. Now just press it to get access. 
  • Now just do a right-click on the directory of the plugin, which you want to remove. Tap on the option of “delete” to remove the plugins you want. It sends you a confirmation, confirm it once. 

In case you don’t have an FTP account but have access to Cpanel, the below-mentioned steps are helpful for you.

Removal of WordPress Plugin from Cpanel

  • If you are failing to install or remove the plugin, mostly it happens due to the installation may find the previous one. It is exceptional but in this case, you need to remove the plugin from the Cpanel, Plesk, or FTP.
  • Most of the time, you need to remove the WordPress plugin from the files managers of your system. It is happening when a plugin starts causing errors. This prevents you from accessing the WordPress dashboard.
  • To remove a WordPress plugin from an FTP, first, you have to connect it with your FTP user and password. If you already have Cpanel access, just log in to it and access your file manager.
  • Now in the section of the domain directory, find the “wp-content” directory. To access this Press it twice. Before doing this, You should be aware that the “wp-content” directory is situated mostly under the public_html directory.
  • In the section of the “wp-content” directory, find the directory named “plugins”. Press it to see the installed plugin in the directory. Now if you are doing right-click to remove the plugin’s directory. It shows the “delete” option on the display, press it to remove this plugin from the file manager of your device.
  • You can access your WordPress dashboard under the menu of plugins. Now just press the “Add new” button for further process of reinstalling the plugin WordPress.
  • Again use the search box to find the WordPress plugin you want to install. After getting this, press the “install now” button. Lastly, just press the “activate”, congratulations you are able to reinstall the plugin WordPress.

Winding Up Now – Reinstall WordPress Plugins

We hope that this article will help you to get an idea of how to reinstall the plugin WordPress. You can easily do this just by following the above-mentioned steps easily. Moreover, You have also a basic idea of how to reinstall WordPress plugins. We hope that this article will help you, in case you find any queries, drop a comment below.

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