NameCheap WordPress hosting Review – A Cheap Option for Hosting

NameCheap WordPress hosting Review – A Cheap Option for Hosting

NameCheap is a professional domain registrar that is famous for providing high-quality and impressive hosting plans. They started their journey in 2000 and build a great reputation in the market nowadays. In addition to hosting plans and domain registration, Namecheap also offers additional productive services like a business email account, the website builder to build a professional website, and an SSL certificate to keep your website safe. Another best thing that people usually look at a web hosting provider is its support and return policy. With NameCheap WordPress hosting you get a 24/7 support feature with 30 days money-back promise for it every service and product. NameCheap WordPress hosting can be the best option for smaller websites that just launched their business online or starting a blogging website.

Pricing benefit which you get from NameCheap Webhosting

As its name suggests NameCheap, offers really impressively cheap price features which anyone can easily afford. As many beginners who just step in into the online industry especially have budget restrictions. For them NameCheap consider as the best Webhosting provider which offers high-quality services for the best prices. Not only NameCheap Promo Codes offer help to save money on WordPress hosting, instead, but all the products and services which it offers are also available at exclusively low prices. NameCheap WordPress hosting offers flexible hosting plans according to the different needs of users. So we can consider that you get an impressive price advantage with hosted your website on NameCheap.

Privately owned Hosting brand

NameCheap is a privately owned independent hosting company and is considered among affordable web hosting providers. Unlike other top hosting brands owned by a common corporation. NameCheap has a unique brand name and industry reputation as an independent survivor. NameCheap WordPress hosting is the most transparent Webhosting provider famous for providing reliable hosting plans. It never charges any hidden fees on any product. In short, you can trust this hosting provider and never get any disappointing services in return.

Many additional bonus features and offers

For providing the users’ additional bonus features NameCheap WordPress hosting offers services like Backups and datacentre choices to their customers. For providing better performance and speed, they offer their customer a choice to select their data center from the US data center and UK data center. This is beneficial for those who are non-US users. Even in addition NameCheap offer 2 times monthly backup feature with all hosting plan. So that whenever you forget to take a backup of your website, then NameCheap will do this work for you. Because no one wants to lose their files and their whole hard work at any cost. And the best part is that you get this backup feature from NameCheap for free of cost. Unlike other Webhosting companies that charge a good amount of money for providing you a backup facility, you get this premium benefit free of cost with NameCheap. It is one of the top 7 Cheap WordPress hosting services.

The limitation which you face with NameCheap

Just like other hosting companies which have some advantages and disadvantages too, NameCheap also comes with some disadvantages which you may not like. One of the major disadvantages which come with NameCheap Webhosting Company is that it is perfect for only small and beginning websites. So if you have 1 and 2 websites, then NameCheap is enough for you but if you are growing and want to host more websites on NameCheap then maybe NameCheap WordPress hosting is not enough for you. It provides plan restrictions and limitations which make you stop growing.

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Why BlueHost Web Hosting Is Best?

Server performance and services allocation

NameCheap comes under the list of Webhosting companies that run on old and not enough technology. As you can easily found many hosting companies that offer you better speed and performance in comparison to NameCheap. And the reason is NameCheap uses the old PHP version and offers low and not enough allocations to the user which is not enough nowadays.

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