How to Choose an Email Marketing Software for Ecommerce Businesses

How to Choose an Email Marketing Software for Ecommerce Businesses

Many marketers wonder how to choose an email marketing software for their business. The eCommerce email marketing has a lot to go. With the right email marketing software with filled strategies, you can focus on the strength of your eCommerce business.

Let me reveal two lies revolving around email marketing.


  • Email Marketing is dead
  • Your eCommerce store’s email marketing software doesn’t matter


Firstly, email marketing is not dead anymore. Forget about the dudes discussing in popular forums.

And, secondly, email marketing software is the most important factor when it comes to improving your conversion rate. It becomes an integral and thriving part of any marketing tactics you use.

In this article, let us know more about email marketing software and how to choose the best email marketing software for your eCommerce business.

Why and when do you need email marketing software for your business?


You might have come across many whispers stating the cooked-up scenario of email marketing. But, that isn’t true! When planned right, email marketing software will become a handy solution for you to increase your eCommerce sales.

Coming to the importance of email marketing software, it gives you a lot of benefits ( even unimaginable may happen too!). So, the benefits are as follows.

Get Unlimited Access

You can get in touch with your customers through frequent email campaigns. Once you get their email information, it is as easy as that with the email marketing software.

Build Relationships easily

When you are running an eCommerce store, building relationships may seem tough due to increased competition. But, with the email marketing software, you can send personalized emails that customers value a lot even if it is from an autoresponder platform.

Increased Traffic

Say, you have picked an extraordinary email marketing software and this can help you to increase traffic. Imagine how your conversion rate would be! Obviously, it will hit the peak when planned to reach the right audience. When you email the audience about the right information they need to know, it might turn out to be a sale. Create your own email list to segment the audience.

Things to Consider before you choose the email marketing software

According to the survey, almost 60 percent of marketers feel that email marketing has been the reason to create significant ROI. and, 32 percent of them have eventually confirmed it. This implies that choosing the right email marketing software is all you need.

Here are the three important things you must consider before choosing the email marketing software for your eCommerce store.

Easy Integration

If you are an expert marketer, you might prefer CRM to update lists and sending emails. But, manually doing it is time-consuming. When your CRM integrates with amazing email marketing software, you will double up your free time. It will provide you with a hassle-free solution to manage your content and customer data. You can also collect the report about the click-through rate, open rates of the email marketing campaign.

Reading and Viewing Option

Almost 43 percent of people will check their emails on their smartphones instead of desktops. Hence, choosing the email marketing software compatible with your smartphones is essential. Go for the mobile-optimized template that makes your email more appealing to your audience. If you fail to choose the email marketing software with mobile optimized templates, there are high chances of getting an increased bounce rate.

Response Handling Way

Forget about your eCommerce store’s size. Either it may be small, medium, or even colossal. If you own an eCommerce store, you are responsible to increase its conversion rate. Instead of sending greetings to your customers through emails, you can update them with the hottest product and brands revealed in your store. You can also send discounts and promo codes to boost their purchase.

When you handle bulk emails, relying on manual support is useless. Instead, act smartly. Pick up the email marketing software and get the best returns out of your email campaigns.

How to Choose an Email Marketing Software for Ecommerce Businesses?

Getting into the topic, choosing an email marketing software is not a cakewalk. From the pool of email marketing software masks, you have to choose the best and the right software that brings bliss to your eCommerce business.

Without any further ado, let us indulge in knowing the key features to look for while choosing the eCommerce email marketing software.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing is the predominant factor for your email marketing campaigns. Without testing, you cannot conclude that a particular feature tweak works well for your store. If you are running any conversion email marketing campaign, then make sure you are testing your store with a specific email marketing tool. So, go for the one which has in-built AB testing for email marketing campaigns.

A B testing drive most clicks

You can test any transactional emails without any limit. It may include things like,

  • Subject Line Variation
  • Layout
  • Body Content
  • Personalization
  • Specific Offers

Segmentation Feature

Segmentation is the first step when it comes to hyper-targeted emails. It is necessary to pick the tool that slices up the subscriber list into groups, services, and products accordingly. It is also good when the tool is extra particular in segmenting the audience based on gender and location.

Email List segmentation results.

Segmented email campaigns tend to have a more open rate of about 14.3 percent higher than that of generic emails. It is also said that it has around a 100.95 percent higher click-through rate as well.

You can be more granular with the tool by adding the past purchases and the VIP segments to the tool. It will help in segmenting the audience accordingly.

Customizable Templates

When you are prior to choosing the email marketing tool, then make sure your tool has attractive and customizable templates. The opt-in customizable forms will help in bringing astonishing check-out discounts during their checkout process.  You can leverage many opportunities when your email marketing software has different opt-ins and popup forms. Say, there are many sign-in forms including,

  • Lightbox popups
  • Exit Intent Popups
  • Footer Opt-in forms
  • Sidebar Opt-ins
  • Mobile Opt-ins

Customizable Templates


Successful email marketers always wish for huge features in a tool. Templates are the only way to improve it. Grow your audience with active signups using the popup templates available in your email marketing tool.

Look for abandoned cart recovery features

Cart abandonment is a very serious issue when it comes to improving your conversion ratio of eCommerce stores. You need to pick up an email marketing tool that curbs the cart abandonment rate. An email marketing tool with cart abandonment templates and audience segmentation is the most needed one for a growing eCommerce store.

The right email platform will help you take control of your customers’ decisions and build a strong relationship with them. Here are a few ways to use automated emails and recover your carts.


  • Send welcome emails to the customers who indulge in signup and in their first purchase
  • Provide coupon codes for their next purchase to increase the sales ratio
  • Send lead nurturing emails that increase engagement
  • Behavioral emails that automatically triggers the purchase decision of the customers

For any eCommerce brand, the automated emails handshake in an effective way. You can use order confirmation emails, follow-up emails, review requests, and other cart triggers to win back your customers.

Final Takeaway

The right email marketing platform will provide you with enough marketing automation practices and flexible integration. Take time to pick up the right email marketing tool that defines your goals. Cheers!

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