Hostgator Web Hosting Plans

Hostgator Web Hosting Plans

HostGator web hosting is very popular. It was established in 2002 and became one of the largest hosting companies in the world. You can share the great quality of customer service thanks to your big hosting plan, reliable web hosting, and development.

Today is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and hosted more than 8 million domains. They offer around 850 + staff support hours and work for businesses of all sizes. HostGator is the largest hosting company and one of the most popular in the world. They provide shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server, and managed WordPress hosting.

Pros and Cons of HostGator

Each product and service, its pros and cons for each hosting company. HostGator the pros and cons of what we’ve learned here.


Reliable hosting: HostGator guarantees 99.99% uptime. If you are given below, you will get one month’s credit back in your account.

Generous Money Back Guarantee: HostGator offers a 45-day money-back guarantee. Generally, web hosting companies do not offer a money-back guarantee of more than 30 days.

The billing period is flexible: You can choose a monthly or annual billing period. Period billing, you will get the most discount.

Free Migration: HostGator provides migration services for free with all new accounts. Their expert team will be transferred to their website during the first 30 days of signing up at no additional charge from their previous hosts.


No free domain: Unlike many other hosting companies, HostGator does not offer a free domain registration to register.

Aggressive upselling: If you need to review previously selected additional services during the registration process. If you’re not sure, uncheck them anyway. If necessary, you can always add them later.

HostGator Performance

What will you do if you sign up for a host and find that your site is very slow and often disappears? You will change suppliers, and you will have more money and it will be a headache. Because of that, you want to choose a web hosting company that is reliable with fast and stable performance records. But how do you get this information? We decided to check the performance of HostGator manages its own test. Here’s how it works so well.

HostGator Speed Test Results

The most important performance indicators to accelerate. A fast website is good for your users and it helps in your SEO ranking.

In fact, reading 1-second delay loading, showing pages conversion to 16% to 7%, a page view is reduced by 11% and will reduce user satisfaction.

HostGator Server Response Time

Excess charge time is affected by the content page of your website. If you see, for example, more than one picture in your site, it will increase the page charge time. This affects the speed test results for your server. We want that HostGator server is, how fast the answer was actually. On testing, we used a device called Bitcatcha. This other test tool works differently than the website speed. Instead, the content is to load only it reacts prematurely to the test of the server. And the test runs three times the average response time for each location from different locations around the world. Hostinger performed really well, due to this we also included it in our list of best WordPress hosting services.

HostGator Hosting Plans and Features

Many ways HostGator hosting plan offers. You know, shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server, cloud hosting, and Hostgator WordPress hosting plan.

Let’s take a look at the WordPress hosting plans provided by HostGator.

Share hosting: Traffic sharing is the best way to start a new site with less traffic. Shared hosting environment, its website shares resources with other sites hosted on the same server.

Cloud hosting: Although a single shared hosting account is limited to servers, cloud hosting uses multiple servers. This plan is great if you receive frequent spikes in traffic to your site.

WordPress hosting: It is schemes tailored to WordPress-powered websites by their shared hosting. Performing optimizations and protecting your site from common WordPress attacks.

VPS hosting: Virtual private server allows you to manage your virtual resources in the cloud hosting platform. You are constantly looking for more and more websites for traffic spikes.

Dedicated server: With dedicated hosting, you get a server to host your website completely. But also because you come with a big responsibility to keep it for yourself.

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