Hostgator VS Hostpapa WordPress Hosting

Hostgator VS Hostpapa WordPress Hosting

WordPress hosting is currently one of the most demanding hosting types because of its different features. Using WordPress hosting is very easy, providing sufficient storage for the website also provides many amazing features that make it worth money. As of now, there are so many hosting provider companies, which claim to serve the best and affordable WordPress hosting to the users. In this internal hosting war, HostGator vs Hostpapa has been currently the most trending WordPress hosting comparison.


Where HostGator company is another name of reliable hosting service, Hostpapa serves the most affordable hosting plans. Also, some more features make Hostpapa a strong competitor of HostGator WordPress hosting. To make this comparison more clear, we have divided this into four different parts: Price, Basic Features, Customer Experience, and Advanced Features (freebies) for expert users.

HostGator VS Hostpapa WordPress Hosting: Which is Most Beneficial for You?

If you have read some comparison articles of WordPress hosting before, you probably know that experts start with basic features like cost, speed, store, uptime, and then discuss advanced features. To continue this rule, here the contrast of HostGator vs Hostpapa.

  1. Price of Hosting Plans


HostGator WordPress Hosting has 3 different plans for 3 different types of users. Here are all the 3  plans and their detailed cost with discount offers.

  • Starter Plan

The starter plan of HostGator starts with the lowest rate of $5.95 per month and gives all the basic features to the users that a fresh website needs. HostGator starter plan is available for the user with a big discount of up to 40% that includes some freebies like a free SSL certificate and more.

  • Standard Plan

This is the second plan of HostGator WordPress hosting and the upgraded version of the HostGator starter plan. HostGator standard plan costs $7.95 per month with a huge discount of up to 50%. It gives all the freebies and more advanced features to the users compared to the starter plan.

  • Business Plan

HostGator Business plan is the most costly plan among all the WordPress hosting plans. This hosting plan costs $9.95 per month and comes with the highest discount of 57% off. Also, this hosting plan offers the highest WordPress hosting among all the HostGator WordPress Hosting plans.


Just like the HostGator WordPress Hosting, Hostpapa also offers 3 different WordPress hosting plans to its users. All the hosting plans come at different rates and discounts and provide many features.

  • WP Starter

WP starter is the basic WordPress hosting plan of Hostpapa, which is also the most affordable WordPress plan for this company. It just costs $3.95 per month and offers a big discount of up to 56% of all the users.

  • WP Business

WP business is the upgraded plan of the Hostpapa WP starter plan. Hostpapa WP business plan just costs $5.95 per month and comes with a big discount of up to 57%.

  • WP Business Pro

Hostpapa WP business pro plan is the highest and costly plan of the company. To avail, this WordPress hosting the users just have to pay $12.95 per month. But unline the HostGator, Hostpapa WP business pro plan only gives up to 41% off, which is less.

  1. Basic Features (Speed, Uptime, Storage, and more)

HostGator WordPress hosting plan features are very scalable and reliable too. Also, starting a new website is the best option because of visitor’s limits, high storage options, and free SSL certificate and domain for one year. If we talk about the highest WordPress hosting plan of HostGator, it will support up to 3 websites at a time and offer many useful features.

Hostpapa WordPress hosting offer more storage and other features to the users that are unlikely seen to HostGator. Where HostGator offers HDD for storage, the company offers SSD in place HDD in storage. Also, 100 email accounts make it more profitable on the papers.

  1. Customer Satisfaction

HostGator customer support is widely famous in the hosting world because of providing the best customer satisfaction. The company offers different contact methods to the users that attract the users.

Unlike HostGator, Hostpapa’s technical support is not so popular and took time to resolve a query. Many customers have complained about late contact and are not fully satisfied.

  1. Advanced Hosting Features

HostGator WordPress hosting many advanced features to the users which makes it worth money. 2x faster load speed, easy to use control panel and a free website migration are some of the advanced hosting features of the company.

Hostpapa WordPress hosting also offers some advanced hosting features that seem rare in most hosting. Jetpack free installed, unlimited websites, premium wp features, and unlimited SSD storage and email account make sit best.


While discussing all the major parts of HostGator and Hostpapa comparison, we found that both hosting companies offer the best WordPress hosting plans. Where Hostpapa has the lowest plan plus point, HostGator has reliable WordPress hosting with free website migration features. Both companies offer the best WordPress hosting suitable for both beginners and experts.


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