Best WordPress Discount Wheel Plugins To Boost Blog Engagement

Best WordPress Discount Wheel Plugins To Boost Blog Engagement

Did you realize that the Discount Wheel plugins that triumph with the pop-up WordPress campaign can get your website more than a 30% participation rate?

Absolutely, gamified-based pop-up windows have been proven to be an effective marketing strategy for rapidly increasing consumers and subscriber rates.

The Discount Wheel Plugins make users thrilled and enthusiastic about spinning the wheel to win something exciting. Apparently, this is an excellent way to boost the conversion rate of your blog.

You can find plenty of gamified plugins free and premium WordPress discount wheel plugins that allow visitors to spin the wheel and win exciting prizes. Who doesn’t want free coupons, unlock their favorite articles with mini-games? Each reader to your blog will need to spend a couple of time reviewing and reading the blogs provided free by the coupon round games.

Why do you need a discount wheel Plugin?

The discount wheel pop-up window looks very striking and can attract the reader’s attention within a second.

World’s leading businesses use gamification techniques to increase their website participation rate by encouraging consumers to participate and win prizes right away. With a discount wheel like this, you can avail:

  • Increase conversion rate
  • Increase visitor engagement
  • Getting more leads and subscriber
  • Endorse your service or business

We have listed some of the best discount wheel plugins and compared them, and will recommend the best plugins, but you can still choose according to your blog requirements and budget.

This gives you more reasons to start using the discount wheel pop-up plugin on your blog. All you need is a robust, reliable, and influential discount wheel plugin that can drive conversions and traffic to your blog. Now, let us enter the most anticipated part of the article. It’s right here.

 The Best Spinning Wheel Pop-Up Plugin You Must Use.

#1 myCred Spin Wheel

MyCred Spin Wheel is a high-class gamification plugin that enables your blog visitors to try their fortune by whirling the stunning wheel. Depending on how you want to reward readers, set unlimited portions with exciting prices on the wheels. Boost blog engagement rate by presenting fascinating gamification modules like free spins and more in your WordPress blogs.

It is one of the premium options, ideal in price and compatibility, easily installed on a single blog or multiple websites. Includes 1 year of free updates and support from $69 only.

#2 OptinMonster

OptinMonster is one of the premium choices for WordPress pop-up wheel plugins, empowering you to build fantastic spins to achieve “options,” and it is awfully easy. OptinMonster has a trio of pre-existing twists to conquest a pop-up template to pick from. In addition, you can entirely personalize ongoing templates using the drag and drop builder tool.

Personalization contains varying the disk with multiple colors to the call-to-action button, the wheel of discount template, copying script, etc. Through OptinMonster, you can make pop-up windows that twizzle to win WordPress blogs, WooCommerce articles, Shopify store coupons, etc.

Even though OptinMonster’s cool features look promising, a significant downside of this plugin is that its option to build discount wheel events is only accessible in the OptinMonster growth plan. Businesses need to pay $49 every month. Although there are other very affordable and even accessible spin wheel pop-up plugins available, you must consider your business budget before choosing the right plugin.

#3 Adoric

Adoric is a trusted WordPress spin-to-win plugin. This plugin can assist you in creating your email list, boost visitors’ engagement, and drive the reader’s conversion rate and ROI.

In addition, Adoric also provides some idyllic features that allow you to create the right marketing campaign to win and show it to the premium visitors with their favorite articles.

Another cool thing about Adoric is that it enables you to modify the discount wheel win pop-up in the way you want. You can make or use any reasonable or edit templates from scratch as needed.

An exit-intent folding technology that displays your spin-to-win activity to readers who attempt to leave your blog. This only will change an added 5% of readers into email buyers or article subscribers.


The impeccable integration with email marketing and CRM services such as MailChimp, HubSpot, Constant Contact, and Aweber is another dynamic feature.

#4 Wheelio

Wheelio is one more first-class participant wheel accessory for discount pop-ups. By winning the pop-up plugin with the exit intention instigation by spinning for the first time, Wheelio spared no effort in making the discount wheel pop-up window. The current templates are gorgeous and can be personalized at the same time.

With Wheelio, you can initiate creating discount Wheel pop-ups in minutes; cheers to its handy framework. Although Wheelio seems its potential price factor and accessibility make its existence a big problem.

Yes, Wheelio is currently only available for Shopify stores and is not compatible with WordPress. In addition, the basic plan (US$14.92/month) only provides elementary functions. You must be a professional (US$54.92/month) to take advantage of cutting-edge analytics, custom fields such as name and phone number, marketing activities, and other functions.

#5 Wheel Of Popups

Use this plugin and greet cheerio to pop-up windows or ordinary discount wheel plugins. The Wheel of Pop-ups plugin empowers you to discover intense features that can help you increase your ROI and restore your blog’s popularity.

Setting up a discount wheel activity with this plugin is very simple: it only takes a few minutes. Its intuitive tools enable you to adapt the discount wheel based on your brand persona, which includes color and themes, soon you can preview them on desktop and mobile device versions.

You can also seamlessly assemble subscriber data and build your email list in no time. Its superb editable features help you edit all the text to ensemble the tone and voice of your persona.

The Wheel of Pop-ups plugin also provides you with real-time insights, allowing you to track your activities’ progress over time precisely. In this way, you can control the game at any time.

You can enjoy a 10-day free trial; this plugin’s cost varies from $19 and $249, which is comparatively higher than others, depending on the package you subscribe to.

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Which WordPress Discount Wheel Plugins Best Suits Your Needs?

After comparing these outstanding plugins, we can honestly realize that all of them offer excellent services, but it all depends on your requirement and budget. Many of them are very reasonable with essential gamification elements like myCred is seems ideal discount wheel pop-up plugin for WordPress. It can help you easily design pop-up windows and is also compatible with almost all marketing services and blogs.

However, you must consider that all of them are more than just a spinning wheel plugin. They are the most powerful lead generation tools right now and enable you to build a wide range of discount wheels with fantastic features and themes.

Wrapping Up

Generating potential customers is not necessarily a tedious process. Through the WordPress discount wheel plugin, you can transform readers into subscribers and stay ahead of the contest.

In addition, it also allows you to establish more connections, thereby establishing a more robust brand relationship. So, sign up to your favorite discount wheel plugin today to make your blog conversion rate soar.

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