A Detailed Review of IPage WordPress Hosting – The Best Customer Support

A Detailed Review of IPage WordPress Hosting – The Best Customer Support

From the starting of iPage 1998, iPage WordPress hosting always comes under the list of most features and reasonable prices offering hosting plans. It has to host millions of websites using the WordPress hosting plan of iPage. Even in the USA, iPage has 2 data centers to provide incredible speed to the users. That is the reason why iPage provide the average uptime and loading speed promise to their customers. If we measure the report and stats of iPage servers for over the past 24 years, then we found that it offers almost 99.96% server uptime on average even it gives almost 746ms page loading speed. These stats make people trust in iPage WordPress Webhosting and make it a reliable option to choose. Almost every hosting plan offer by iPage is best for some reason and features but the WordPress hosting plan offer by iPage is incredible. Here you get a brief review on the WordPress hosting plan offered by IPage.

Host, you’re Website On the Most trusted Platform with iPage WordPress hosting plan

As most of the websites are hosting over the WordPress platform. Even you can get an idea of WordPress hosting popularity to form the fact that more than 35 % of the website on the internet is hosted through WordPress platform on the internet. The reason for this is simple, it is free, reliable, fast, and easy to use & provide the best user experience. Even you did not need any experience to build a professional-looking website with WordPress. Because it also offers you free beautiful design themes that make your website classy and professional within comes clicks.

That’s why iPage offer their customers a WordPress hosting plan which is a more optimized hosting plan for WordPress websites. If you are going to host your website WordPress CMS, then selecting iPage WordPress hosting can be the better option for you. Because with iPage you get so many benefits that make your WordPress website better, faster & impressive for users. Let discuss some most important features which you get if you choose the iPage WordPress hosting plan for your website.

Great Features which you get in WordPress hosting plan of IPage

WordPress hosting plan of iPage is search engine friendly, which means it covers most of the factors which Google needs to rank a website. Due to this it is considered among the best and affordable web hosts.

A Detailed Review of IPage WordPress Hosting

With the WordPress Hosting plan of iPage, you get a free gift for a whole year. You get free domain registration for the whole year with a WordPress hosting plan. And the best part is that you can get a custom domain name which means you can select any domain which you want. But keep a thing in mind that iPage offers you free domain registration for one year and if you switch your hosting provider which means iPage, then you have to pay a non-refundable fee of $15 for domain registration, which is deducted from your total amount paid. After deducted $15 from the total amount, you get your remaining balance. But if you don’t want to get any domain then you not need to pay $15 dollar at the time of cancelling your plan with iPage.

Get Optimum Features in It

iPage WordPress hosting plan comes with advanced features to provide their users with the most friendly dashboard. Even with WordPress’s plan you get extra security and engagement plugins, which make your online experience better with iPage hosting. These advanced features will make your website work in a more efficient and effective way. Another best feature that we can consider in the WordPress hosting plan of iPage is its customer support. The team of iPage hosting is all time ready to help you and provide you the best support.

2 Offer Plan of iPage WordPress Hosting – WP Starter & WP essential

With iPage WordPress hosting plan, you get 2 offer which is WP starter plan & WP essential. With this 2 WordPress plan, you get different features, storages, support & you have to pay different charges for it. An essential plan of iPage WordPress hosting, you get some extra features that you may need but not available in the starter plan. So if you have enough big website then wp essential WordPress hosting plan of iPage, is the perfect option for your website. Some common features which you get in both plans of WordPress are: –

  1. Unlimited bandwidth
  2. Free one-year custom domain registration
  3. Unlimited storage,
  4. Customized & easy to understand control panel
  5. Pre-installed themes, templates, & plugins to make your experience better and many more.

While there are some features that are not available in the starter plan of wp but available in WP essential plan only. They are: –

  1. WordPress expert support
  2. Automatic malware removal to keep your website safe
  3. Sitelock professional security and many more advanced features.

Additional incredible Features of WordPress IPage Hosting

iPage WordPress hosting plan comes with built-in functions & style to make your experience wonderful. They use the best features as possible to serve the best hosting plan. They are fully optimized WordPress plan with many great options and facilities. Like they have professional themes, pre-installed plugins, & an easy and fully customized control panel to manage your files easily. They also care for the speed and security of your website to keep your website safe and better. They use the design to give you 3 times better speed on the loading of your website. Even they are team up with site lock security to give you an incredible security feature with an included custom firewall to keep your site attack free and safe. And the best in WordPress hosting plan of iPage is its support facility. They have specially trained staff and superb agents who will be available for their customers within a minute.

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