5 best Android tracking apps in 2023

5 best Android tracking apps in 2023

In today’s era, digital technologies are used in almost every aspect of our lives. Our mobile phones play a prominent role in regulating the behaviors and performances of individuals today. People are under the massive influence of the Internet and digital technologies. Therefore, having a smartphone has become a necessity in the 20th century. 

An Android tracking app is a very important feature in the world full of android devices. It is software that mainly tracks the location of a device it’s been set on. It is mostly used for Android devices to spy on the user basically or locate a lost phone. You can use this app to find your phone in case you mislay it somewhere. You might be an overprotective partner who wants to protect and look out for your significant other, or you might be a parent who finds it difficult to trust your child with a phone. So we suggest you check out these phone tracking services. It can also be helpful for companies that want to monitor their employees’ tasks while on the job. 

However, you don’t want to piss them off by forbidding them to use their phone completely. Instead, you can monitor their actions using these spy apps. But over the number of new tracking apps, it can be troublesome to choose the right one. Some of them have only GPS location tracking, while others contain more advanced features. 

Here is a short guide on some of the best Android tracking apps.

Google Find My Device: 

The first one on my list would be the Google Find My Device app. This app makes it easy to locate your device. You can also lock your device until Find My Device helps you locate it. It is not only helpful for a smartphone but also a tablet or a smartwatch. This app is helpful for navigation as well. Another amazing feature of this app is that it helps you clean your device in case of theft or even if you give up on finding it. 

GPS Tracker App

FamiSafe GPS Tracker App: 

This one is a tracking app as well as a child monitoring app. This app also helps find the device’s GPS location, just in case your child went out somewhere without informing you, or you are worried about your partner who forgot to inform you if they reached home safely. It also helps in tracking phone usage and activity or blocking dangerous sites. It is also known to detect explicit content on the concerned device. Understand more and use the best security tracker apps. 

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GPS Phone Tracker: 

GPS phone tracker is yet another tracking app that is used to track the location of the device it is set on. It is known to be one of the best android tracking apps. It is really easy and convenient to use. An additional feature that you find on this app is to set alerts when your child reaches a certain location, which is amazing. Search additional features make these apps different from one another, hence, way more helpful. 

My Family GPS Tracker: 

My Family GPS tracker is a versatile app that helps you keep track of the locations of your loved ones. A specialty of this particular tracking app is that it has a kids mode on it which won’t allow your kid to turn off the location, which is an amazing feature for mischievous kids. It also has a premium model that will allow you to hear your child’s surroundings if they’re in any danger. Moreover, it has a built-in chatting device that helps you to chat with your loved ones too. My Family GPS tracker has to be one of the most thoughtful of all other GPS tracking apps, considering the provided features.

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Family Locator and GPS Tracker: 

Last but not least, Lide 360, yet another Android tracking app that simplifies our life in this world where everything is digitized by keeping in touch with the people who matter the most to us. This app helps us make groups called “circles” of our family members who are willing to stay connected. It views the real-time locations of the circle members in a map visible to only our circle. It also helps us see the location of a lost device. Life 360 helps us enjoy a more diverse list of features and benefits than those found on similar apps.

These Android tracking apps are very helpful in case of emergencies, loss of your device, etc. It has always been a savior for a person who keeps misplacing their mobile phones, the careless people who are never aware of where their phones might be, and also for looking out for their loved ones and making sure they are safe wherever they might be. This software can also be used on tablets or computers and often becomes very useful.

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